I started displaying my photos in 2004.  I love photos that are not what they seem to be or are hard to figure out.  My goal is to create photos that make people think, wonder and observe better. There are so many fascinating scenes that people do NOT see every day.


I'm also a financial advisor specializing in green investing (bobdreizler.com) with an office in Midtown Sacramento.  In 1998 I wrote Tending Your Money Garden, a light-hearted financial advice book.  My spouse is Bella Dreizler, noted physical therapist, yoga teacher and

5Rhythms DJ (bodyjoy.net)






If you see a photo you like, please contact me to request for a quote.  Note the image, size or sizes you want to check out, canvas or photo paper and whether you will pick it up or have it shipped.  I will get back to you within a week.






Bob Dreizler









I love puddles, ponds, car hoods, anything that can hold a vibrant reflection. I often display trees up-side-down so that it looks right-side-up, but strange.




It's a bit embarrassing to admit that I really like mannequins.  They are usually quite attractive and they hold poses very well.  I like taking photos that look like double-exposures, a mannequin on the inside of a window and palm trees or a building reflected on the outside of the glass.




Sometimes nature creates an intensity of color that seems unreal, but that doesn't occur that often.  When I discovered a setting on my Canon G Series camera, Super Vivid, that intensifies the natural colors, I found that I could have psychedelic colors whenever I want them.




My first mind-blowing digital photo was a close-up of a moving stream.  The abstract effect of stopping moving water fascinated me.  Now I look for abstract images everywhere.




I hate to call these normal pictures, because nature can be so amazing.  These are picture I took while traveling away from home or when walking in my neighborhood.  The world and your own backyard are full of stunning images.  Just look for them.




These are my favorites.  It is fun to discover a new way to take photos.  Usually it involves not obeying the norms of photography, these include:  moving the camera or the photo subjects, taking photos with low light/long exposure, not having the horizon level, turning the camera or photo sideways.